Why Outside In?

Content, Content, Content (Sorry, we will not get into Operations anymore). We aim to deliver Concise Reading Pieces of Interest and Knowledge Rendering Assignments for the Leaders:

1. Deck Type 1: Topical Research – Your Interest Areas, We Study
2. Deck Type 2: New Concepts/Ideation – Your Brainstorm, We Draw It Out
3. Deck Type 3: Value-adds to Existing Decks – Your Ideas, We Validate
4. TL Papers (White Label): We Write, You Deliver
5. Talks/Podcasts/Panels: We Share Notes, You Talk
6. Brainstorms/Workshops: We Both Research, We Both Discuss, We Tell Others
7. Competition Analysis/GTM Roadmaps: We Study, We Share, We Both Strategize
8. Business Visioning/Planning: We Visualize, We Share, You Improvise Plan

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